students within my school

students within my school

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here are the following discipline methods that teachers should try within their classroom

This third blog is related to what teachers should do in their classrooms, that is to try their best to maintain discipline among their students in order to get a better understanding. If teachers do not have the kind of discipline within their classroom students would not be able to learn and teachers wouldn’t give a proper education lesson to be taught. Here are some various ways for teachers to help them build and maintain their discipline and order within their classroom:
1. Teachers should create a set of rules in their classroom for students to follow.
2. Teachers should educate; to develop by instruction and make their discipline methods as a form of exercise in order for students to follow every day.
3. They always use the praise and reward system within their classroom to help build students interest so that they could be encouraged to follow a set of rules.
4. In addition, discipline can be controlled by allowing students to perform several class activities in their classroom that is quiet.
5. Teachers should always call their students’ parent to determine the child’s problem and to see how they can solve that problem so that the child will not be disruptive in the classroom.
I believe that if teachers follow the above ways, I believe that there lesson can be delivered properly and explained better. In this blog directed to all teachers, if you all have any discipline techniques that you have to share with me please do share by writing some comments on my blog so I could incorporate these skills in my classroom with my students to foster a place for discipline.
Yours respectfully,
Hemant Narinedath
Class Teacher

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