students within my school

students within my school

Friday, June 18, 2010

How can teachers develop learning better opportunities with their children?

This blog is related to what teachers should do in their classrooms, it includes what methods teachers should implement to help the weak students in their classroom with their reading and writing skills progress. Children who cannot read or write properly at a certain age would not be able to understand anything that goes on in the classroom and this tends to keep them back at classrooms level because they are not in the level with the other students. Here are some ways that teachers can help to assist these problems by doing the following:
1. Teaching can help by teaching children to write in multiple forms (stories, information, poems and letters)
2. Teachers should teach strategies for spelling new and difficult words.
3. Teachers should engage children in activities that require reading and writing skills.
4. Always encourage children to share what they have learned about their writing and reading.
5. Always remind the students to visit the library regularly to help build on their writing and reading abilities.
6. Always bring a parent teacher conference evidence of what your child can do in writing and reading so that the parent can help assist them in whatever way that is necessary.

I believe that if teachers follow the above ways there lesson can be delivered properly and explained better. In this blog which is directed to all teachers, if you have any discipline technique that would like to share with me please do so writing some comments on my blog so I could try these skills in my classroom with my students.
Yours respectfully,
Hemant Narinedath
Class Teacher

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