students within my school

students within my school

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to all teachers both past and new teachers

Hello everyone,
My name is Hemant Narinedath and i am creating my very first own blog on the internet that is pertaining to what teachers should do in their classrooms. As a new teacher in the service, I have been looking at all the different types of teachers with different ranking system to determine how they conduct their classroom in terms of classroom teaching skills, discipline skills, the way how a teacher focused to treat each child in the class in terms of school work and other activities that takes place within the school compound. To all the teachers who are in the service for a long time and to all the new teachers i think my blog can be very helpful since it is trying to help me become a better teacher as the past generation of teachers should be.
Yours Respectfully,
Sir Hemant Narinedath
Classroom Teacher

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