students within my school

students within my school

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teachers should bring in the children attention in religious education

Good Night to everyone,
Hey all I am posting a new blog concerning that teachers should be able to bring in religious education in their educational lesson. Therefore, students can feel a sense of belonging in a religious ethnicity. All religions such as hindus, chrisitians and muslims should be able to participate this in all schools of Trinidad and Tobago. I have wrote another blog concerning an educational topic on Divali that I would personally find all religions be able to take part in this. By teaching religious education in school, i believe that all students would be able to benefit from this as it shows the importance of it in Trinidad and Tobago since they would know what to expect or do around religious times of the year.
Yours Respecfully
Sir Hemant Narinedath
Class Teacher

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